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Public Education

The Education Team, the Research department and the library offer many services for pupils, students, teachers and academics.

Exhibitions and Museum

We offer you the special opportunity to learn about the history of the Stasi at an authentic site: on the former grounds of the Ministry for State Security. Visit "Haus 1", the centre of the complex. This is where Erich Mielke, the Minister of State Security, had his office until November 1989.

Learn more about how the MfS worked and how the Stasi Records Archive deals with the historical heritage.

An oversized „walk-in file“, an original index card paternoster, a sculpture of files – the exhibition shows the collection of information violating human rights and the effect the GDR secret police had on people’s lives.
Over four floors the exhibition illustrates the Stasi Records Archive‘s current tasks and leads back in time to when the Secret Police created the files.

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The exhibition shows the collection of information violating human rights.


The Stasi Records Agency publishes several publications a year. A shelve in a library with several books.

The Stasi Records Archive publishes several series of publications and individual publications on the state of MfS research, and on the research of general subjects, archive-related topics as well as on political education.

Most of the publications are in German but there are some publications in English, which you can order or directly download on our website.

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