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Secret police records from different Eastern European archives in the House of European History in Brussels.

European Initiatives and Archives

On the European level there are numerous initiatives dealing with the legacy of communist dictatorships or other violent regimes and conflicts post World War II.

The following selection specifically lists institutions that base their memory work on documents, records and recollections of witnesses. In addition it lists further networking initiatives in the European context.

Initiatives and Archives

Germany: After the dictatorship. A project of the University of Würzburg

Albania: Since 2017 the "Authority for Information about former State Security Documents" (AIDISSH) makes records of the Albanian secret police Sigurimi from 1944 to 1991 accessible.

Croatia: Documenta. Centre for Dealing with the Past

France: European Memories of the Gulag. Sound Archives. Virtual museum with reports from surviving witnesses of the work camps and special settlements in Soviet gulags.

Irland: Prison Memory Archives

Northern Ireland: Conflict and Politics in Northern Ireland

Kosovo: Memory Book

Latvia: Latvijas Okupacjias Muzejs

Russia: International Memorial Society

Networking Organisaions

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS)