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Access to Records


Access for Research and Media

The Stasi Records Archive supports research and media (press, radio and film). It also supports civic education agencies in their political and historical reappraisal of the activities of the State Security Service, the power mechanisms in both the former GDR and Soviet zone of occupation and National Socialist past.


Access for Private Individuals

Every individual has the right to view the records that the Ministry for State Security collected about him or her. Since 1992 more than 1.5 million people gained access to their files.


Access for Public and Private Agencies

Public and private agencies may receive information from theStasi Records Archive about whether evidence exists to suggest that individuals in prominent social and political positions collaborated in the past with the Ministry for State Security.


kilometres of documents are in the Stasi Records Archives. A total of almost 50 kilometres of material is held in the Berlin archive.

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